Boris Skok

Hi! I'm Boris.

Just a guy who loves to code with quite a good memory and pattern recognition.

About Me Hi! I'm Boris, a 20 years old Computer Science student from Ostrava, Czechia. I enjoy building stuff using new technologies as well as solving various coding and math problems just for fun. I also love meeting new people with the same passion for coding and learning from them.
Looking forward to getting in touch with you!

Get to know me!

I currently study Computer Science at the Technical University of Ostrava. In the past also I took part Oracle's Java foundation certification course which helped me with understanding of programming concepts. In my free time I love to learn new technologies, languages and algorithms by building projects and solving coding problems.

Feel free to contact me here if interested.


My Skills

Spring Boot

Projects Take a look at few of my projects I have created during my current studies.

Software Screenshot

Sorting visualizer

React web application which visualizes sorting algorithms. It allows you to choose between 5 different sorting algorithms and also to choose the size of the array to be sorted.

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Software Screenshot

Small company website

Sveltekit web application with dynamic routing and server-side rendering. It is a small company website which provides basic information about the company.

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Software Screenshot

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro timer web application with a simple and clean design to help you focus on your work.

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A* algorithm pathfinder

A Python project which implements A* pathfinding algorithm from scratch using pygame library.

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Realtime chat

Full-stack web applications using React, Express and It creates a realtime chat with rooms which are implemented via sockets.

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Software Screenshot

SIR prediction modelling

Prediction model implemented in C which predicts values and compares these predicted values to real data provided in CSV file.

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Contact Thanks for your time! If you feel interested in working or getting together with me, feel free to contact me using the e-mail address down below.